Have you ever not felt good at a seaside?

It has happened to us several times.
perfect beach

Our Goal

To help everyone find the perfect beach for them

Our idea is a beach search mobile application based on accurate and up-to-date data, allowing tourists to discover beaches that suit their preferences.

  • For instance, do you enjoy snorkeling? We can suggest nearby beaches with rich underwater ecosystems!
  • Looking for a place to party with friends? Explore beaches with multiple bars and live music!
  • Planning a family vacation with kids and pets? We'll find you a gently sloping beach where you can bring your dog!
  • Or maybe you just want to swim and sunbathe in calm waters? We'll guide you to a stretch of shoreline with no big waves and plenty of space for sunbathing!

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We're trying to offer a solution for this!

In our application, we fill the beaches with accurate and up-to-date information. You just need to specify what you'd like to do during your vacation, who you're traveling with, and in order of your preferences, we'll show you which beach is the best match for you to spend your time at.


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