The importance of your business is a key issue.

During beach searches, tourists not only consider water quality but also place significant emphasis on the surrounding infrastructure.

  • Hospitality Establishments: Accommodations, restaurants, cafes, bars
  • Rental Businesses: Cars, boats, jet skis, and other sports equipment rentals
  • Service Providers Offering Activities: Tour guides, event organizers
  • Other Tourism-Related Services: Transportation, first aid, etc.

We would seek these businesses, so your assistance in accurately filling in the data for the beaches in your area because no one knows their beaches better than you, where your guests frequent. We don't ask for this for free; in return, we offer significant discounts in our application.

Through the application, for instance, you can directly reach out to those tourists who are currently vacationing nearby! For example, you can send them an offer like "we provide free coffee with breakfast" or "those who visit us during Happy Hour get a 10% discount on food"!

And all this while you can see exactly how many tourists respond to your offer, and you can even specify, for instance, that you only want to send out messages for the first 50 accepted offers!

If you want to help us, please fill in our survey, and you'll receive the following benefits in our launching service:

  • 1-month free subscription
  • 50% discount for the next 2 months
  • Permanent 10% discount thereafter

You can specify when to activate these in your account!

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